Opportunity America is a Washington think tank and policy shop promoting economic mobility – work, skills, careers, ownership and entrepreneurship for poor and working Americans.

Restoring robust economic mobility is among the most urgent challenges facing the nation today. Our current approach dates back more than 50 years to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty – a strategy that made a difference in its day but is no longer enough.

What’s needed is a new conversation: a new vocabulary, new voices from new places on the political spectrum, a new broader climate of concern – and a new national push to enhance opportunity.

Opportunity America is devoted to filling this gap, funneling ideas into the policy process and building consensus around a new agenda.

The organization’s principal activities are research, policy development, dissemination of policy ideas and working to build consensus around policy proposals.

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Industry-driven apprenticeship: What works, what’s needed - By Tamar Jacoby and Robert I. Lerman, Urban Institute, February 2019

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Workforce Pell briefing - Briefing for congressional staffers, 7-30-19
Industry-driven apprenticeship - Panel discussion on employer-led earn-and-learn training, 2-20-19
Immigrant entrepreneurship roundtables - Listening sessions in three cities, Chicago, Phoenix and St. Louis, February – July 2019
Work, skills, community: Restoring opportunity for the working class - Opportunity America-AEI-Brookings Hill briefing for congressional staffers, 2-22-19

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