Opportunity America is a Washington think tank and policy shop promoting economic mobility – work, skills, careers, entrepreneurship and inclusion.

Restoring robust economic mobility is among the most urgent challenges facing the nation today. Our current approach dates back more than 50 years to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty – a strategy that made a difference in its day but is no longer enough.

What’s needed is a new conversation: a new vocabulary, new voices from new places on the political spectrum, a new broader climate of concern – and a new national push to enhance opportunity.

Opportunity America is devoted to filling this gap, funneling ideas into the policy process and building consensus around a new agenda.

The organization’s principal activities: highlighting the need for a bolder opportunity agenda, developing policy proposals, driving new ideas on Capitol Hill, lifting up successful state initiatives and encouraging engagement by civil society, including employers.

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Opportunity America is just getting going, launching its first projects and releasing some early products.

Career and technical education: Taking it to the next level - A conference with CTE experts and educators, 4-8-16  
The new CTE: New York City as a laboratory for the nation - Manhattan Institute policy brief, March 2016
Senate briefing on career education - A briefing for congressional staffers, 2-10-16
Access and Excellence: Bridging the gap in higher education  - A Washington conference featuring university presidents Mitch Daniels and Michael Crow, 1-15-15
Congressional field hearing - with the Congressional Career and Technical Education Caucus, Harrisburg, PA 10-24-14
Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition  - A Washington business coalition focused on job training and workforce development
This Way Up: Mobility in America - The Wall Street Journal Saturday Essay, 7-18-14

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