On July 30, 2019, Opportunity America hosted two briefings for congressional staffers on workforce Pell legislation pending in the House and Senate. A panel including higher education leaders and construction industry professionals offered insight on the need for short-term job-focused college programs.

The House briefing was sponsored by the offices of Rep. Richmond (LA) and Rep. Gonzalez (OH), and the Senate briefing was sponsored by the U.S. Senate Career and Technical Education Caucus. Opportunity America president Tamar Jacoby moderated the discussions.

From left to right: Jason Miller, Ken Garrison, Julie Peller, Lori Dwyer and Steven Partridge


Lori Dwyer, assistant vice chancellor for workforce policy, Virginia Community College System
Ken Garrison, executive director, Heavy Construction Contractors Association
Jason Miller, heavy equipment operator, S. W. Rodgers Company
Steven Partridge, vice president for strategic partnerships and workforce innovation, Northern Virginia Community College
Julie Peller, executive director, Higher Learning Advocates


An unknown landscape: Short-term job-focused college programs Opportunity America, June 2019