As the nation rebuilds in the wake of the pandemic, millions of Americans will need fast, job-focused upskilling and reskilling before they can return to work.

Employees in every setting will need to learn new safety protocols to protect themselves and others against the risk of infection. Workers in other fields will need new skills to keep up with changing technology. Still other workers will need reskilling to help them move from a struggling industry to a sector where demand is more robust.

How will the nation pay for the upskilling that will be needed? Policymakers are considering several proposals.

HEALS Safely Back to School and Back to Work Act

Workforce Recovery and Training Services Act  

Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition letter, July 30, 2020
Opportunity America summary 
HEALS and HEROES Act side-by-side, Urban Institute

HEROES Act legislation and summary
Relaunching America’s Workforce Act 
Elevating America’s Workforce Act 
Skills Renewal Act
ACCESS to Careers Act
Broadband connectivity and digital equity framework

White House American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Call to action
Reimagine workforce preparation grant program

JOBS Act of 2019
Tax incentive for businesses to upskill workers, National Skills Coalition, May 2020

Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition letter, May 20, 2020
Workforce Pell background