You just got a new job, and your employer informs you that the company has an apprenticeship program. He asks if you’re interested in mentoring an apprentice. 

Not sure what to say?

With the MASTER MENTOR interactive game, you’ll walk in the shoes of a new mentor learning the ropes and face the day-to-day decisions that come with mentoring.

Each CHALLENGE is a five- to 10-minute game. Good luck!

What is apprenticeship?
Is mentoring right for you?
Will mentoring get in the way of doing my job?

Getting to know your apprentice
Working with an apprentice who’s different from you
Helping your apprentice manage their emotions

How a mentor teaches
Constructive criticism
Learning through problem solving


A culture of teaching and learning, video introduction to mentoring
Mentoring matters, event cosponsored by the Urban Institute and Opportunity America, 11-8-21

This training was developed by Opportunity America and Ballou Communications in consultation with Urban Institute and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Coproducers: Olivier Ballou and Tamar Jacoby

Subject matter expert: Stephen Hamilton, professor emeritus, Cornell University

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