Opportunity America, the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution have convened a bipartisan group of scholars and policy experts to craft solutions for the working class, arresting the decline precipitated by globalization and building bridges back to opportunity in the American mainstream. A round of preliminary scoping studies will be followed by a final report – a slate of bipartisan policy prescriptions to create jobs, train and retrain workers and revitalize communities across working-class America.


Oren Cass, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute
Robert Doar, Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies, American Enterprise Institute
Kenneth A. Dodge, Pritzker Professor of Early Learning Policy Studies, Duke University
Nicholas Eberstadt, Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute
William A. Galston, Ezra K. Zilkha Chair and senior fellow, The Brookings Institution
Ron Haskins, senior fellow and Cabot Family Chair, The Brookings Institution
Tamar Jacoby, president, Opportunity America
Anne Kim, director of domestic and social policy, Progressive Policy Institute
Lawrence Mead, professor of politics and public policy, New York University
Bruce Reed, co-chair, Future of Work Initiative, Aspen Institute
Isabel V. Sawhill, senior fellow in Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution
Ryan Streeter, director of domestic policy studies, American Enterprise Institute
Abel Valenzuela Jr., director, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, UCLA
W. Bradford Wilcox, professor of sociology, University of Virginia


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